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25 Apr, Thursday
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Spring Jewellery Trends

It’s a crime not to accessorise! These trends will inspire you never to walk out the door without wearing your unique pieces.


Pearls and Shells

Image Credit (L) Sabo Skirt (R) Forever New 

We are obsessed with pearls and shells on gold this spring! Get ready for Bohemian meets 90’s vibes, because this trend is taking off. Puka shells are making a modified, more polished resurrection and different sized pearls make a beautiful addition. We aren’t just seeing them on statement earrings! These shells have been designed into necklace pendants, rings and bracelets.

If your looking for a set of these resort-style earrings, we adore the ‘Pearl clusters’ from Sabo Skirt. Forever News retro style brassy gold earrings also make a sophisticated statement accessory. Show them off by tying your hair in a messy bun, or let them glimmer behind some loose waves.

If Gigi Hadid and Gucci have been spotted adopting this style, then we think it is well and truly confirmed that this is the trans-seasonal trend this spring!


Coin Pendants

Image Credit (L) Sabo Skirt (R) Lovisa 

We are definitely nowhere near writing off the coin necklace trend from 2018. These necklaces have only evolved in design from clean circles to rough edges and pure golds to brassier tones. Its enlightening to find your unique token and now you can even personalise your star sign as a coin pendant.

These Italian inspired antique coin replica’s look stunning over a high neck jumper, or exposed wearing a low neck top. Wear your necklace solo for an elegant touch, or be bold and layer different sized necklaces like this first look from Sabo Skirt. Multiple brassy, gold and rose gold toned necklaces, can also be found in different sizes at Lovisa.


Chic Watches

Image Credit (L) Daniel Wellington (R) The Horse 

Fresh light and pale colours are what we see our fave watch brands incorporate as we get closer to summer. Wide faces are still in and contrast nicely with daintier bracelets.

The colours in these elegant time-keepers are universal and can go with almost any outfit… now you can stay fashionably on-time!

This Daniel Wellington ‘Classic Petite’ watch stands out against tanned skin with its crisp white colour and rose gold detailing. A white watch is always a staple accessory that will stay timeless in your wardrobe.

We also love the sophisticated style of the nude Horse watch. With a light. peachy pink leather strap, pale tortoiseshell face and rose gold detailing the ‘Resin’ watch is a chic and minimalist design.


90’s Hair Clips


Image Credit (L) Cotton On (R) Funkie Scrunchie

Not quite ‘Jewellery’ as such… but how can we not address this latest craze! Finally, it is fashionable to clip back that annoying strand of hair and tame the wild baby hairs. We are probably a little too excited to see this classic 90’s accessory make a return.

Accent a statement pearl clip with one or two more different sized pins for a true 90’s casual messy hair look. Or if you’re going for a simpler, more classy look, accessories your sleek ponytail with two pearl clips and a red lip. You can choose from a number of different pearl statements from Cotton On. We also adore these vintage-looking tortoiseshell clips from Funkie Scrunchie.

Remember, the fun of this trend is that you can mix and match these different styles, creativity has no boundaries!


Stacked Rings


Image Credit (L) Sarah and Sebastian (R) By Charlotte

If anything can make us feel glam, its fresh painted nails and the perfect combination of rings. Stacked rings are still in this spring and this trendy look is so easy to achieve!

Come up with your own signature stack and experiment with different rings to suit your style. The best thing about stacking rings is that you can change your combinations everyday! Going somewhere dressy? Combine pearls and gold for a classic classy look. Feeling eccentric? Show off some jewelled and stone rings, even mix silver and gold!

If you don’t already have a mix of rings at home and don’t have time to be as creative, you can also buy gorgeous stacked rings in pairs, like this ‘Love and Truth’ ring due from By Charlotte. The triangular shape of the ‘Truth’ ring, outlines and complements the pink jewelled ‘Love’ ring and makes a delicate set. We also took inspo from the Sarah and Sabastian’s new Rosa II range! The beautiful fine gold rings feature some vintage-looking coloured stones that stand out on all skin tones.


Dainty Anklets


Image Credit (L) Kirstin Ash (R) Thomas Sabo

How nostalgic, remember wearing matching friendship anklets in primary school? We predict that this humble childhood accessory will turn into a heavy hitting trend this summer.

Anklets are a sweet and elegant piece of jewellery and contrast well with both sneakers and heels. It’s a bold juxtaposition to pair such a dainty chain with casual shoes, but that’s what makes anklets a unique and eye-catching accessory.

This pretty little dragon fly anklet from Thomas Sabo and the ‘Sea Anklet’ from Kirstin Ash will make a special summer token. We can’t wait to see what becomes of this returning trend. Who knows, maybe pearls and puka shells will be incorporated!


Image Credit: By Charlotte

So your sorted for accessories… now its time for fresh nails! Check out the best nail salons in Perth here!

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