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Fashion trends and tips for Spring Racing Carnival 2019

Spring is most certainly in the air, and with that, the countdown to the Spring Racing Carnival is on! It’s a fabulous time of year to frock up and sip on some bubbles. I’m sharing my hot picks for the trends that will be out in force over the various race days and my advice to ensuring you have a stylish and fun day.

Top Trends for Spring Racing 2019

1.Colourful suits. Expect to see suits in an array of eye catching colours EVERYWHERE this season. This is a trend I love but a word of warning…it’s going to be out in abundance, so if you go down this path, you run the risk of being “one of the crowd”.


Image Credit: Effie Kats

2. Pink. Girly, festive and fun, from pale to super bright, this colour will be trending. The beauty of a colour like this is you can accessorise it in so many ways. Black, silver, gold, other colours like orange, yellow, purple, blue, all work to compliment pink. There is certainly the opportunity to make this shade your own with how you style it, your only limit is your own imagination.

Image Credit: Lana Wilkinson

3. Hair accessories. Traditionally race day headwear has centred around fascinators and hats, but this year the big trends will be headbands, hairclips and bows. Pile them on and layer it up or keep it simple and minimal, go with what resonates most with you, and don’t forget it’s a great time to experiment and have a little bit of fun.

Image credit: Lovisa

My top tips for getting yourself ready for, and having a fantastic Spring Racing Carnival.

  1. Shop your own wardrobe. What do already own, that you maybe haven’t worn yet, or have only worn once or twice that would suit the event you’re attending.Never more so than this season has there been so many fresh ways to update a look with accessories. You truly can reinvent what you already have if you put your mind to it, refer to point 3 above.
  2. Have fun with your look. This is an extension of point one above. A day like Melbourne Cup is the perfect time to have fun, experiment and change up your look a bit.If you usually wear your hair down, go for a sleek bun. If you’re afraid of colour, pop on a bright lip and shoe. You don’t have to invest a lot of money to have some fun with your look, you just need to be a little bit brave.
  3. Be comfortable. One of the fastest ways to ruin a great look and day, is to feel uncomfortable in what you’re wearing, on both the inside and outside. While I encourage trying something new in your look, don’t go so extreme that you don’t even feel like yourself. Also, remember to be comfortable in a practical sense too. Don’t wear brand new shoes for the very first time, don’t put on underwear you can’t breathe in, and don’t have so many hair clips in your hair that you end up with a headache 5 minutes into the day.
  4. Keep it classy. Shoes should be kept on at all times. Enough said.


Here’s to hoping you back a winner.

Nat x

Image Credit: Mariam Seddiq

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