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Best Movies on Netflix Right Now

The Best Movies on Netflix Right Now

Get all the snacks and snuggle in! We’ve given you our top picks for the best movies on Netflix this month. What better way to spend a cold night in than to cozy up in pyjamas, crank the heater up and binge watch movies on Netflix (while also binging on microwaved popcorn).


Always Be My Maybe

After 10 years, a reunited relationship sparks between childhood friends. Sasha and Marcus attempt to rekindle old flames and search for romantic chemistry, while making us laugh along the way. The new addition to Netflix is a great recommendation if you’re in the mood for a heart-warming and hilarious rom com.

The Girl On The Train

All Aboard. This suspenseful thriller alerts our detective-mode. The Girl On The Train tells a very complex story, conveyed exceptionally well with chilling plot twists. Rachel Watson, a divorced alcoholic seeking purpose and redemption, spends her days indulging in people watching… until she becomes a witness of a complicated murder mystery.

Mamma Mia!

Who can resist this upbeat drama musical! We reminisce when watching single mum Donna experience the bitter sweetness when letting go as her daughter, Sophie, becomes a bride. Taken by surprise, the lonely mother learns that Sophie spontaneously invited three special guests. Sophie explores the secrets of her past while Donna discovers romance doesn’t grow old. We wish we were singing and dancing on the Mediterranean shores watching this reborn classic!

The Blind Side

Based on a true story, this award-winning film follows a homeless teenager with an impoverished upbringing, find his purpose. Michael Oher forms an unpredicted bond with an affluent couple who help him discover his new found talent for American football. The heartfelt film tells the story behind Ohers journey towards becoming a football offensive tackle powerhouse. The Blind Side is truly uplifting and inspirational while bringing a tear to the eye.

The Imitation Game

Mathematical genius, Alan Turing, leads a group of cryptanalysts working to crack a seemingly unbreakable Nazi code. Also based on true events, The Imitation Game conveys the intriguing story behind the triumph of breaking the Enigma code during World War 2 and an extraordinarily unusual man. This movie is seriously thought-provoking!


In a dystopian world where humanity is in crisis, a group of scientists face hallucinations, pneumonia and mutant creatures on a quest into the unknown. The ambitious psychological sci-fi is filled with mystery. Annihilation is a gripping must-see movie this winter!

Crazy Rich Asians

Glamour, money and status. “These people aren’t rich, they are crazy rich!”. Rachel Chu, a New York university professor, is stunned to discover that the son of one the wealthiest families in Asia, is in fact her humble boyfriend Nick Young. However, when agreeing to accompany Nick to a wedding in Singapore Rachel is unprepared for the family drama she is yet encounter. Can money buy love?

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Charlie, an introvert freshman (or a typical wallflower) suffering clinical depression, desperately tries to come to terms with the suicide of his first love, while entering a challenging first year of high school. This film is an honest coming-of-age drama emphasising the exhilarating highs and disastrous lows of teenagehood.

Secret Obsession

Imagine waking up from a deep unconscious state, unable to recall anything indicating who you are. Injured and confused Song suffers from amnesia after a freak accident. To help her memory repair, her husband, or the man by her bedside, takes Song home. Song soon starts an investigation of her own into the accident and realises she is yet to escape her nightmare. This psychological thriller gave us serious goosebumps and is bound to leave you #mindblown!

Murder Mystery

New York cop Nick, decides to take his wife Audrey on an overdue honeymoon in hopes to enjoy romantic getaway and re-ignite their marriage. But just when the couple start to have some fun, they find themselves involved in a high profile murder case. Murder Mystery is a light-hearted and entertaining comedy for easy viewing after a long day’s work.


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