There’s A Cup Of Noodles Musuem, And I Need To Go Now

If you spent your uni years living off Cup Noodles, there’s finally a way for you to pay homage to that uni student staple. It’s time to plan your pilgrimage to the Cup Noodles museum in Yokohama, Japan. Yep, it exists — and it has some amazing exhibits and attractions to help you celebrate your love for the world’s most convenient meal.

At the museum, you can peek inside a replica of the shed where Momofuku Ando invented the very first instant ramen, way back in 1958. You can also watch an animated video about the history of the snack. There’s even fun for the kids at Cup Noodles park. All of these features make a trip to the museum well worth your time, but the most exciting attraction is called My Cup Noodles Factory.

Inside this factory, you’re in complete control of building your very own cup. You can customise the soup with all your favourite ingredients. According to the museum website, there are a whopping 5,460 flavour combinations. You’ll even have the opportunity to design and decorate a custom cup label. Once you’ve created the Cup Noodles of your wildest fantasies, all you have to do is dig in.