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29 Feb, Thursday
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What’s open this Labour Day 2019

Thank god for all the cafes that keep us going on our long weekends. Here’s where to get your food fix in Perth this Labour Day public holiday. 


Toast, East Perth, open 7am until 5pm, serving all day breakfast

Satchmo Cafe, North Perth, open 8am until 4pm

Tiisch, Perth CBD, open 8am until 2pm

Petition Kitchen, Perth CBD, open 8am until late

Filos & Yiros, Northbridge, open 7:30am until 1pm

Open by Duotone, Northbridge, open 7am until 4pm

Hylin, Leederville, open 7:30am until 2:30pm

FOAM Coffee Bar, Leederville, open 7am until 6pm

Mary Street Bakery, West Leederville and Highgate, open 7am until 4pm

Pinchos, Leederville, open 8am until 10pm

Pixel Coffee Brewers, Leederville, open 8am until 3pm


Little Bay, Watermans Bay, open 6am until 2pm

Doric Street Cafe, Scarborough, open 6:30am until 4pm

Yelo, Trigg, Mount Hawthorn and Subiaco, open 6:00am until 5pm

Tropico, North Beach, open 6:30am until 4pm

Island Market, Trigg, open 8am until 9:30pm

Canteen, Trigg, open 6:30am until 8pm

Northside, Hillarys, open 7am until 11:30am


Nic + Kolo, Applecross, open 7am until 4pm

Cioccolato Espresso, Applecross, open 7am until 2pm

The Tribute Coffee + Kitchen, Shelley, 7am until 2pm

Timber Cafe, Harrisdale, 7am until 2pm 

Me Me Joans, East Fremantle, open 7am until 11am

May Street Larder, East Fremantle, open 8am until 2pm

Bib & Tucker, Fremantle, open 8am until 3pm

Hush Speciality Coffee, Fremantle, open 7am until 3pm

Duck Duck Bruce, Fremantle, open 8am until 12pm

Coast Port Beach, North Fremantle, open 9am until late


Canteen Pizza, Cottesloe, open 12pm until late

Il Lido, Cottesloe, open 7am until late

Vans, Cottesloe, open 6:30am until 3pm

Daisies, Cottesloe, open 7am until 2pm

Odyssea, City Beach, open 7am until late

Pixel Coffee Brewers, Claremont, open 8am until 3pm

Typika, Claremont, open 6:30am until 3:30pm

North Street Store, Cottesloe, open 8am until 3pm

The Shorehouse, Swanbourne, open 7am until late

Little Way, Nedlands, 7:15am until 2pm

Mary Street Bakery, City Beach, open 7am until 4pm


Harvest Espresso, Victoria Park, open 8am until 3pm

Howdy Coffee, Bayswater, open 7am until 11am

Sage Cafe, Victoria Park, open 7am until 4pm

Little Guildford, Guildford, open 7:30am until 2pm


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Image Credit: Hush Specialty Coffee

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