A Pop Up Lego Bar Is Coming To Australia!

How many bricks of Lego does it take to build a bar? It probably wasn’t the first Lego-related question we were going to ask (or test for ourselves) but Legobar is proof that there are tangible answers to life’s most ambitious questions.

According to the creators of Australia’s first bar made entirely out of Lego, it’s a million bricks. And we’ll actually be able to visit it when it opens in four cities around Australia — Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth — in autumn this year.

It’s early days so we haven’t yet been able to find out where these bars will be located (will the roof be made of Lego?), what drinks they’ll serve (surely these won’t be Lego?), or who actually counted a million Lego bricks (is this even possible?), but we do know that when it opens there’ll be DJs all day and elaborate Lego sculptures placed around the adults-only space. Punters will also be able to make use of a huge pile of surplus bricks to fashion their own Lego creations, in public, with no shame at all. Just watch out for sharp corners.

Legobar opens in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth this autumn. Tickets will be given on a first come, first served basis. Register on the Legobar website for further updates.


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