These Low-Carb Pizza Recipes Are Going Viral on Pinterest

Because all diets should include pizza.

We all know we should eat more vegetables, but raise your hand if more often than not your body would rather reach for that perfect flat crust or deep dish piece of ooey, gooey, ‘za. I envision a lot of hands raised right now, and I’m right there with you.

Well it’s time for pizza lovers who are are mindful about their health to rejoice and unite because veggie crust pizzas are all the rage. And for good reason. Not only are they nutritious and sneak extra veggies into your day, they are actually totally delicious and are a great substitute for the real deal.

Don’t get me wrong, a gluten filled pie will always have a place in my heart, but the veggie substitutes are great hacks when I’m trying to improve my skin, decrease bloat, and feel better in general.

Here are my top veggie based picks for pizza night:




By far the most popular and probably the first on the scene, cauliflower pizzas are a great low cal option. It’s also really high in Vitamin A & K and supports liver function with helps your body detox. Trader Joe’s and Cauliflour have great frozen options if you’re tight on time.


Pizza Supreme on Cauliflower Crust

Source: How Sweet Eats


Cauliflower Crust Lemon Gremolata Pizza

Source: Oh My Veggies


Chicken and Spinach Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Source: A Sweet Pea Chef


Classic Style Cauliflower Crust Pizza

Source: Our Best Bites


Grilled Eggplant Pizza with Low-Carb Cauliflower Crust


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